Interholz Export-Import


Interholz company was established in 1992 and mainly exported semi-wood products. Our  long-term presence in foreign markets position us as trusted partner to many companies in whole Europe.

The most common exported products are lumber and elements of beech, oak, ash, walnut, cherry, and etc. Products  are mainly exported to Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Poland and Israel. The advantage is a constant product quality control in manufacture by experts who provide training and education of employees.

Our program offers a wide range of products such as the elements used in the final production of chairs, tables, kitchen fronts, flooring, stairs, various knobs and handles for tools. Together with more than 50 producers from different regions of Serbia we can offer large quantities of lumber and elements.

Interholz also supplies local doors manufacturers, factories that furnishes hotels, offices and restaurants and with new product called Engineered wood - commercial name for the veneer of high technological value. Interholz is an authorized distributor of "Cora" Spa-Italia.

Interholz with own strategy guarantees the stability and reliability of supply leading to the main goal - to be service to the customer.



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